Some of the Causes of the Septic Tank Soakaway Problems in Kent


You do not have to get worried when the term soakaway is mentioned since it is a pipe which is put as an extension of the septic tank with its primary function being to allow wastewater that overflows to percolate. It is imperative that you ensure that you do not let your soakaway to block since it will lead to failure of the septic tank which can cause an awful smell in your home. When you realize that your soakaway has some issues, do not hesitate to call the experts who can fix it or replace it depending on the extent of the damage. There is a need to ensure that you understand what leads to some of the soakaway issues so that you will not have a hard time to maintain it. The article deliberates on some of the causes of the septic tank soak away problems in Kent.

It is necessary that you learn that you must ensure that you empty the septic tank at least once a year so that you can avoid it overflowing. In a case where you do not drain the septic tank, there are chances that it will flood to the soakaway pipe. If the soakaway receives more wastewater than required, it will malfunction which means that it will not allow percolation as needed.

The wrong ground conditions can also lead to the problems related to the soakaway malfunctioning. There are times when you find that the soil surrounding the pipe is clay which does not allow percolation in the right way. When the pipe cannot release the wastewater into the surrounding land, it will back up and cause multiple challenges.

There are times when you find that the roots of the trees surrounding the area have tampered or even damaged the soakaway. When the roots enter into the soakaway, it is widespread knowledge that the pipe will be unable to transport the wastewater as required. In this way, you will observe that the pipe will bock causing some issues on the septic tank.

You must understand that the depth at which the soakaway is installed is crucial when it comes to its functionality. The wrong depth will mean that the soakaway will not discharge its percolation duties as required. There is a need, therefore, to ensure that the soakaway is installed at a depth that is within the layer of the soil where the aerobic bacteria is located. You must know that if you place it deeper than that, it will not be effective in performing the crucial task.

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